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Visualize and share your family tree with photos, stories, and other facts
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My Family Tree is a powerful genealogy application that lets you create and manage family trees in a both fast and easy manner. Though it offers a lot of handy additional features and functions, the interface of My Family Tree is really intuitive. The program is easy-to-use even to complete beginners. Furthermore, it makes the created family trees look really interesting and it makes this entire genealogy matter captivating even for people like me, who weren't interested in such things before. Features like the support for interactive charts and statistics also contribute to this, as well as the fact that My Family Tree also lets you add photos, stories, biographies, and all kind of data for every person of a family tree.

My Family Tree can also transfer data using the GEDCOM file format, which means that it can be used not only for recreational and entertainment purposes, but for actual academic or scientific research that requires sustainable proofs and evidences compatible with all kinds of devices and apps. GEDCOM is a universal file format for genealogy data and is supported by numerous genealogy software, so transferring data between My Family Tree and other apps can be done with ease.

I also that this handy tool can generate customizable reports of the stored genealogy data. It also supports comprehensive family statistics, printing directly from its interface, mapping, privacy settings, or cool additional tools like a relationship calculator which can detect disparities in the genealogical trees or other issues.

Cutting long story short, My Family Tree is a really impressive genealogy tool and the fact that it's also completely free, despite its numerous cool features, makes it even more appealing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports statistics and report generating
  • Supports GEDCOM files


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